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SIMS Clinical Inventory Management

SIMS is a GxP compliant clinical trial inventory and distribution management software system that managers supply at a program or study level and ensures all clinical trial supply management activities are controlled through one portal.

It is used to manage clinical trial ancillary supplies and equipment and to keep track of all operations. The system has built-in data validation mechanisms/operational checks (such as storage conditions, expiry dates, etc.) to ensure correctness of data/operations. The system keeps all the records in a reliable database, protected by remote backups. 

Customers can have access to a web based portal to view all inventory in depots within the United States and Europe, as well as supply activities down to the site level. 

Our experienced team of Project Managers ensures all clinical inventory associated with each study is continuously up to date  throughout the life cycle of the program or study. They work closely with clinical operations, project managers, CRA's, supply chain team's. etc. through an organized governance structure, giving our customers peace of mind through complete transparency and communication processes.

Customers have unique password protected access via a web portal to view their account and studies in real-time. Please click on the SIMS Login button in our website header to access your account and study information.

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