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We are committed to taking action to conserve resources and prevent pollution in both the facility and operations.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Saved

CO2 Icon.png

20,584 lbs. of CO2      =     That's Equivalent to Planting 31 acres of Urban Trees

Planting Tree Icon.png

Electricity Saved

Electricity Icon.png

35,651 kWh Saved      =    That's Equivalent to powering 3 houses for an entire year

House-electricity icon.png

Solid Waste Diverted

Trash Icon.png

5,655 lbs. of waste diverted        =       That's Equivalent to one 10 yard dumpster

Dumpster icon.png

Water Saved

Water icon.png

48,636 Gallons of water saved   =   That's Equivalent to 1,157 bathtubs of fresh drinking water

Bathtube Icon.png

Fuel Saved

Fuel Icon.png

116 Gallons of Fuel Saved      =    That's Equivalent to removing 2 motorcycles off the road

Bike Icon.png

Hazardous Waste Reduced

Hazardous Waste Icon.png

4 Gallons of hazardous waste reduced   =   That's Equivalent to removing used motor oil in 2.5 Cars

Car Icon.png

Therms Saved

Flame Icon.png

342 Therms of naturaul gas saved        =      That's Equivalent to heating 13 homes for an entire year

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California Green Business Certified

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